Weed Puller - 4 Prongs

Item #: 139910

The Fiskars Weed Puller is a great invention for removing weeds, such as dandelions, from the garden. The tool is easy and comfortable to use: no digging or bending down is required and no toxics are needed. The Weed Puller’s deep-reaching stainless steel claws grab the weed’s root from multiple directions to pull it out of the ground. The ejection system allows a clean and efficient result. The new Telescopic member of the range can be adjusted in length according to the user’s height, so the same tool can be used by all grown-up members of the family – small and tall gardeners alike.

• Deep-reaching stainless steel claws grab the root from multiple directions • Leverage point from the ground level
• Ejection system helps to release weed after pulling
• Removes weeds without the use of toxic
• Comfortable working posture, no digging required

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300 mm
988 mm
917 g