Fiskars Xsharp™ Axe and Knife Sharpener

Xsharp™ Axe and Knife Sharpener

Item #: 120740

Fiskars Xsharp™ offers an invaluable addition to anyone’s garden toolkit with its easy portability and ambidextrous appeal. Its easy-to-use mechanism and tough ceramic grind stone cutting grooves ensure an optimal cutting edge and lifelong performance for axes and knives.

With non slip pads to provide a stable sharpening base and easy assembly and dis-assembly for clearing and maintenance, Fiskars Xsharp™ ensures trouble free operations.

  • Regular maintenance keeps your Fiskars Axes and Knives sharp and safe
  • 2 sharpeners in 1. Ceramic grind stone has clearly indicated cutting grooves for either axes or knives
  • Optimized sharpening angle for blades with easy to use mechanism
  • Convenient to carry along
  • Easy dis-assembly enables efficient cleaning and maintenance
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International Article Number (EAN)
165 mm