Servo-System™ Grass Shear
How to use Fiskars Grass shears

Servo-System™ Grass Shear

Item #: 113680

Fiskars Grass Shears feature the ingenious Servo-System™, which prevents the blades from jamming to guarantee non-interrupted, efficient cutting. The ergonomic, lightweight design is comfortable and user-friendly, and the flexible cutting head, adjustable by up to 360°, allows to easily reach even the more awkward angles. The blades are of hardened stainless steel, the handles of fiberglass reinforced polyamide and the shears 113680 and 113690 are provided with a thumb-operated lock mechanism.

  • Cutting angle adjustable 360°
  • Thumb-operated locking mechanism
  • Ergonomic in use
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322 mm