A3 Recycled Titanium Ø45mm Rotary Paper Trimmer 45 cm

Item #: 5407
  •  100% recycled - Post consumable recycled black resin - Eco friendly.

Recycled material weight for 92% of the total product

  •  Titanium carbide coated rotary blade for extra cutting capacity and durability (3 times harder than steel).
  •  Metric and inch measurements for easy guideline.
  •  Non-slip rubberised feet keep trimmer stable.
  •  Long lasting cutting bar : each side of the bar can be used in 2 different positions = 8 positions before replacing the strip. When worn on one side, flip to use opposite side.
  •  Built-in blade storage : secure and convenient.
  •  Pivoting cut rail.
  •  Softgrip® ergonomic carriage.
  •  Cutting capacity : 15 sheets (80 gsm)
  •  Portrait format up to A3 & Landscape format up to A2
  •  Works with Ø45 mm titanium cutting rotary blade (9737) or cutting (9531P), scoring (9538P) or decorative (zig zag 1343, deckle 9536P, perforating 9537P) blades.
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