Eyelet Setter
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Eyelet Setter Pack

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  • To punch holes and set eyelets with one tool, no hammer needed! One side punches the hole, the other sets the eyelets.
  • Built-in spring hammer (spring action power) to create enough force to punch through heavy card, fabric, and split eyelets.
  • Do not forget the craft mat to protect the working surface.
  • Pack contains three popular sized eyelet setters : 1/16'', 1/8'' & 3/16''.
  • How to use: Just pull up on one side while holding the other & let the spring action do the work for you.
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  • Can we use the eyelet setter without craft mat?
  • How to empty the eyelet setter when full?
  • The spring hammer is tendrilled, is it a quality defect?
  • The spring hammer is tendrilled, is it broken?